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Game Of Knits

Women's Baby Pink Cardigan Sweater

Light Pink Cardigan Sweater for Ladies

Game Of Knits

Women's Baby Pink Cardigan Sweater

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Light Pink Cardigan Sweater for Ladies, Multifunctional Knit Clothing, Warm & Cozy Open Cardigan Jumper, Reversible Knitwear by Game of Knits

The Whole Wardrobe Knit in One
This Light Pink Cardigan is the queen of multifunctionality. The several dresses and cardigans knit in one make it an epitome of transformation. Its 3 part construction, alluring colour palette, and decorative edges give you endless styling possibilities. Wear it as a dress. Turn it inside out, upside down, or back to front. You are ready to kill it on the go with a new look each time, no matter what the occasion!


“I have the Transforming Triple dress and it’s such fun to wear! I have had lots of comp13liments and love surprising myself with finding new ways to wear it. The colours are strong and vibrant and I have experienced no fading so far. Highly recommend! ❤️”


“Truly magical, it transforms in shape and colour to how you feel and what you need in so many ways. Mine has chakra colours, but the other palettes are lovely, too. It feels great layered. gives extra warmth or you can wear it more floaty. There's nothing else like it for beauty, feel and versatility, made with love and care, truly special. Great communication and updates from lovely Aneta, I am delighted with my purchase and highly recommend the seller.”


I am impressed with this Cardigan. It is beautiful, it keeps you warm. Well done! :-) Bravo !!!!!


“This is a really great handmade project, eco-friendly, sustanaible and with a unique design 🦋 So I thank really a lot Aneta, the owner of @gameofknitsstudio who is a really wonderful woman🦋”


I can’t remember the last time I loved a design so much it gave me butterflies. I am in love with all the Game of Knits creations!


Aneta is a rare creative being who seems to see the world in 7D! Every design is like it’s own theatre filled with colour explosions that will revitalise the soul!


And so I fell into the web of Game of Knits designs - so artistic and unique! Don’t stop creating - you are an absolute miracle!


Ich bin sehr begeistert von diesem bezaubernden Transformer Cardigan!! Die Farben, die Qualität der Wolle und der Kontakt waren hervorragend. Ws macht sehr viel Spaß alle Modelle auszuprobieren? DANKE


The cardigan and dress are a dream! ? Fantastic fit, wonderful colours ans simply the idea is unique. The items were presents and are loved by their new owner!

Katjuscha L.