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Rainbow Dress: Inspiring Ways to Celebrate Your Identity

Pride Festival LGBTQ Rainbow Dress

Clothing and colours are two incredibly powerful mediums of expression of our individuality.

The colours we wear are often a reflection of our mood, individual preferences, and personal identity. For the same reason, we have used colours to symbolize different aspects of humanity throughout our existence.

One such empowering symbol is the rainbow flag for gay pride, social equality, and individuality. The rainbow colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet represent the diversity and pride of the LGBTQ community.

To celebrate this beauty of human diversity, we designed the transforming rainbow dress.

Handmade with Love Especially for LGBTQ Community

The Game of Knits Transforming Rainbow Dress is knitwear especially crafted for the LGBTQ community. Every feature of this dress signifies the essence of the special human identities and transformation.

Firstly, the colour palette of the dress represents the pride flag. The horizontal stripes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet honours the wide spectrum of gender identities.

Secondly, this dress is a versatile clothing item denoting diversity. Single piece can morph into many different styles - from an elegant full-length slit dress to a fun one-legged trouser outfit.

Moreover, the transformation capabilities of this dress is again a sublime portrayal of the transsexual identity. It marks the freedom to choose and express your unique self.

Last but not least, the rainbow dress is handmade with 100% organic cotton. The choice of fabric celebrates the LGBTQ identity as the gift of nature.

Not only organic cotton is natural but also biodegradable and renewable. Furthermore, cotton fabric is the embodiment of comfort. In our design, it is an inspiration for you to feel comfortable in your skin (literally and figuratively).

Creating the rainbow dress is a matter of pride for us and owning it will be yours!


Style Inspirations for Transforming Rainbow Dress

The transforming rainbow dress is many outfits in one.

Depending on personal taste or occasion, you can style this dress in many ways. Here are some of the style inspirations to pull off this dress.

Full-length Slit Dress

pride dress, festive LGBT outfit

The easiest way to wear the rainbow dress is as a full-length dress. The dress has a slit on one side which gives it a sophisticated look.

The strings along the edges of the dress add an ornate touch to it. You can carry this look to any formal or informal event.

Adjustable Midi and Short Dress

transforming lesbian gay rainbow dress, pride flag outfit

The finest part of the rainbow dress is its strings along the edges of the outfit.

The strings help you transform the dress length in seconds.

All you have to do is adjust and tie the string along your waist or aside to get your desired length, whether it is a mid-length dress or a short-length dress.

One-legged Trouser Outfit

lgbtq fest clothing, summer fest pride dress

The one-legged trouser outfit is the most exciting styling possibility of the rainbow dress.

The slit and string on the lower edge of the dress help you to create the one-legged trouser. Tie the string to your leg and you’re ready to turn the heads with your contemporary abstract look.

You can adjust the length of the trouser simply by tying the string along your leg at the height you like.

Dress with Shopping Bag

pride fest street festival summer dress gay lesbian garment

A rather interesting way to wear the rainbow dress is like a dress along with a shopping bag.

To get this look, you just have to pull your dress up to the knee length, tie the lower edge string, and wear it over your shoulders. You can position the string sideways or across the body to achieve the look you want.

Best Occasions to Wear the Rainbow Outfit

The versatility of the rainbow dress is not just limited to its transformation into different styles, it extends to multiple occasions as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the special occasions where you can flaunt this outfit.

Pride Festival

Pride festival or pride parade is the perfect occasion to wear the rainbow dress.

Pride events are organized every year in different parts of the world to celebrate self-acceptance, legal rights, and achievements of the LGBTQ+ community.

The vivid colours and graceful design of the rainbow dress make it an ultimate pride festival dress. This outfit is sure to add more joy to the celebrations.

LGBT Wedding

The wedding day is one of the momentous occasions in one’s life, more so for the LGBTQ community.

The long struggle to get the legal rights to marry the love of their lives is nothing short of a triumph and calls for extra-special celebrations. Though the struggle is still on in many parts of the world, we hope the victory will come soon for everyone.

For LGBT weddings, this outfit is ideal in the slit long dress style, especially for lesbians and trans-females. This rainbow wedding dress will make the ceremony uniquely beautiful and colourful.

The best part, you can reuse your wedding outfit for various other events just by changing the style.


Can’t get hold of any special event like a wedding or the pride festival to flaunt the rainbow dress just yet?

No worries! Summers is that special occasion to show off this outfit. The breathable fabric and bright colours of this dress make it a superb choice for the summer season.

Moreover, the multifunctionality of this dress will make it your go-to summer outfit. No matter how you choose to wear it, you’ll always stand out in style from the crowd.

The rainbow dress is a humble way of extending our love and support to the LGBTQ community.

Make this dress yours today to celebrate your individuality and inspire the world!

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