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designer, game of knits collection

When I don't knit
I dream
And you...
You wear my dreams!

Aneta, the designer behind
the Game of Knits collection

creative cardigan by game of knits
creative cardigan by game of knits
long cardigan
sweater cardigan
fuzzy hooded cardigan
dressy cardigan sweater
heavy cardigan sweater ladies
womens multi colored cardigan
mustard color cardigan

Game Of Knits

The Transforming Cardigan!


Sustainable & Ethical knitwear

Boho Crochet Shawl
Boho Crochet Shawl
womens summer shawl
fishnet top
boho shawl
fishnet cover
knitted accessory
womens knitted cover top
womens summer scarf

Game Of Knits

Fishnet Top, Mesh Top Women's Accessory, Boho Crochet Shawl

game of knits cardigan sweater, sustainable ethical slow fashion brand

When it comes to capsule clothing, you can’t do much better than my signature designs - a single purchase will effortlessly morph into multiple styles and variations to suit any occasion, weather or mood!


Transforming, versatile, multifunctional, reversible, morphing or simply creative. Shop our signature designs and change your entire wardrobe with a single piece! Ethical small-batch production, sustainable fabrics & practices, inclusive sizing, top-notch quality!

Our transforming models in action

Demo videos that worth more than a thousand words

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